Cocktails With Chloe

We sat down with 6'3" Chloe Valentina for cocktails and flower shopping to talk about being a tall woman. She is pictured wearing our Ava mini asymmetric satin dress in yellow, styled with pink heeled mules and statement yellow bangles.

“I love being tall, I think tall women hold so much beauty.

We are taught in society that women must be small, meek and take up little space to be seen as feminine. So it can be hard to navigate spaces as a very tall women, it is not the beauty standard especially to be a tall black women, you are very masculinised even if you are feminine presenting.  




I think to be tall and confident is also feminine. Also, I think there is great femininity in strength and power. 

As a tall women you are constantly told you are intimidating and too tall simply because people are unable to handle your beauty and aura.

My grandmother taught me to never slouch, stand up tall gracefully and never lower yourself or make yourself smaller to make other people feel comfortable. 

So I try to have good posture and make sure I’m never minimising myself and wear heeled shoes if I wish. Don’t be scared to take up space. You are worthy, 99% of the time I find those people are just jealous as they see the beauty and power you have and try to dim it.“