About Us

Letter From Our Founder

I've always loved fashion but as I grew taller and I started missing out on fashion trends I realised that fashion didn't love me back.

I got used to the idea of not feeling or looking my best on special occasions. But for my 19th birthday I saved up an obscene amount of money for an outfit as I thought that budget was the issue. In reality regardless of the amount of money I had all the tall pieces I could find (of which there weren't many!) were old, boring and in grey, navy or beige.

I'm fun, I like to have fun and I like my clothes to reflect that, so this is when I first thought of Rozana LDN.

It took quite a bit of planning, research and saving, but after long last we launched and it's been a crazy journey ever since. But what's life without a little crazy to keep things interesting.

Fashion is a non verbal way for you to communicate who you are to the world; it affects how you feel about yourself and also how others feel about you. People say it's just clothes but that's easy to say when you have options.

Our pieces are made for the woman that likes to embrace the fact that she naturally stands out, for the woman that knows she deserves clothes that fit AND that she likes, for the woman who 7 year old me thought was really cool.

I truly hope you love our pieces as much as I do!


J 🦒