About Us

Our Story

Born in 2019 in London (aka LDN), Rozana LDN creates beautiful and fun womenswear to accompany your fun and beautiful life.

We intentionally design all of our pieces in-house based on a 6ft frame instead of scaling up from an average size guide. Tall women are at the focus of everything we do.

Community is at the core of what we do and we love coming together through our Tall Girl Brunches, Dinners, Meet-Ups and the Tall Girl group chat.

We want to emphasise that height is not a limitation nor is it the entirety of who you are, it's an addition to an already multi-dimensional, beautiful being. You were born to out and above the crowd, our pieces embrace that part of who you are.


Letter From Our Founder

"I believe that fashion should be fun; a diverse way to express your personality, your emotions and who you are. Since we're all so different we need choices to be able to enjoy fashion the way it should be enjoyed, as wearable art.

But as a tall woman the options are limited and often restricted to dull and boring fits and styles.

Being othered is isolating, especially at a young age when you want to start experimenting with self expression. For me loving fashion but releasing it didn't love me back massively affected my self esteem as a teen.

Ultimately, I started Rozana because I wanted clothes that matched my young, fun, exciting life.

Because what's life if not to be lived to the fullest, while looking your best"

Jade (aka J 🦒)

Founder and Director of Rozana LDN